Margot about sex scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street


i wish we could donate body fat to those in need

how could I not be in love with you?

My son is leading a host to war, she thought, still only half believing it. She was desperately afraid for him, and for Winterfell, yet she could not deny feeling a certain pride as well. A year ago he had been a boy. What was he now? she wondered.

wandering child; so lost, so helpless,
yearning for my guidance.

get to know me meme:  [1/10] favorite female characters» tris prior

Would you do most to least for breaking promisses?


Most to least likely to break a promise (accidentally or otherwise)

  1. Sagittarius
  2. Pisces
  3. Libra
  4. Gemini
  5. Aries
  6. Cancer
  7. Virgo
  8. Aquarius
  9. Scorpio
  10. Capricorn
  11. Leo
  12. Taurus

You know what “legacy” means? It’s what you pass down to your children, and your children’s children. It’s what remains of you when you’re gone.

tywin lannister, requested by tywin